Employment test

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to keep New Orleans safe and secure, consider working with the professionals at NOLA Protection Group. In New Orleans, there’s NO better protection.

The successful candidate will:

  • Ensure the security, safety and well-being of all personnel, visitors and the premises
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Adhere to all company service and operating standards
  • Remain in compliance with local, state and federal regulations, including licensing requirements
  • Immediately respond to emergencies to provide necessary assistance to employees and customers
  • Protect the company’s assets relative to theft, assault, fire and other safety issues
  • Follow procedures for various initiatives, including fire prevention and property patrol
  • Comply with all Louisiana state board of private security examiners licensing requirements
  • Be punctual and have a flexible schedule
  • Exhibit a “can-do” attitude
  • Follow established company policies


  • Protective program development analysis
  • Threat assessment and advisories
  • Full-scale risk assessment and analysis
  • Estate and residential security
  • Family protection and monitoring
  • Advance preparations for travel
  • Vehicle checks
  • Transportation and route assessment
  • Sweep of meeting places
  • 24/7 availability

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