Executive Protection Services

Personal protection, whether unarmed or armed security, requires discretion, reliability and flexibility. NOLA Protection’s executive protection services are personalized for each individual we protect.

Our goal is to maintain security – for yourself, your family, your property or your reputation – without compromising privacy. Our experienced personnel provide close protection in a manner that doesn’t compromise your lifestyle.

For individuals who are at high risk because of financial, employment or geographic circumstance or who have enhanced public exposure, we administer proactive security measures by mitigating risk and overcoming vulnerabilities. In other words, we provide peace of mind.

In New Orleans, there’s NO better protection.


  • Protective program development analysis
  • Threat assessment and advisories
  • Full-scale risk assessment and analysis
  • Estate and residential security
  • Family protection and monitoring
  • Advance preparations for travel
  • Vehicle checks
  • Transportation and route assessment
  • Sweep of meeting places
  • 24/7 availability

Your protection is our priority. Call us today.