Neighborhood Security Guard Services

Protecting personal property and personal safety is important to us. We’re your neighbors too, and we work to keep our New Orleans neighborhoods safe and secure.

New Orleans has more than 70 distinctive neighborhoods, each with its own security issues and needs. We offer security officer services with enhanced technology that can be designed for your neighborhood’s specific needs. We have a guard touring technology that allows us to design a guard tour specific to each site which guides the officer to designated points on the property to ensure that a full tour of the property is completed.

Our neighborhood patrols are registered with the state of Louisiana and are fully insured. We use marked vehicles equipped with low-profile Code 3 amber/white light bars, external spotlights, complete first-aid kits, emergency roadside lighting equipment and tw0-way radio communications. Our patrol cars use state-of-the-art technology used by law enforcement that allows us to track vehicle location, route progress and missed security stops. Each car, marked or unmarked, has cloud-based video recording systems, with stored video data available up to 30 days. This system also allows for front facing recording as well as the ability to document activity inside the vehicle, which is useful in case of an incident.

If NOLA Protection is guarding your neighborhood, you can rest easy that everything is well looked after.

In New Orleans, there’s NO better protection.


  • Access control (24 hours)
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Deterrence of illegal activities and loitering
  • Emergency services
  • Neighborhood patrols
  • Overnight security
  • Threat assessment
  • Visitor logs


  • Apartment complexes
  • Crime prevention districts
  • Gatehouses
  • Homeowners associations
  • Short-term rentals

Your protection is our priority. Call us today.